The NFL Run Series unites both runners and NFL fans, and welcomes participants of all abilities to celebrate their favorite teams by participating in a fan celebration run. For many, this is the chance to run onto the same field as your favorite NFL players. These races are all about a personal connection and a chance to show loyalty with your team.


  • FAN HEALTH: Fans are athletes too and we want to stay healthy so we can enjoy life longer.
  • COMMUNITY OUTREACH: NFL Fans can be the biggest supporters of local charities that help our communities.
  • TEAM LOYALTY: Every year, we put on our favorite jersey and celebrate the world’s most popular sport by running a race!
  • YOUTH: The NFL Run Series is a perfect compliment to the NFL Play-60 Initiative and is fun for the whole family.


This website is a resource  with links to various NFL Club running events. We encourage you to contact your local team representative or race promoter if you need more information about a specific event. We will attempt to keep links to each race up to date but it is best to verify race information directly from your club’s official race website.